Remote Viewing


The research into remote viewing reached its peak in the cold war of the 1970's. Their are many techniques currently available to promote Remote Viewing. This harmonic will enhance all of them significantly.

It is well documented that increasing the alpha wave levels of the brain can increase remote viewing abilities.

It has been found that the phenomena of remote viewing and Psychometry seem to be particularly enhanced using alpha frequencies in the middle of the range. The addition of certain beta harmonics to the dominant alpha frequency can further enhance this ability.

Users of this set of harmonics have reported hit rates above 60% accuracy... ON THEIR FIRST TRY!!!

How will Remote Viewing Help Me

Your ability to quickly induce altered states of consciousness will dramatically increase.

Your ability to predict hidden images (sealed photographs, drawings, etc) using Psychometry will improve significantly.  Your ability to travel, in your mind, to your chosen location in space -time will be greatly improved and the accuracy of your imagery will be increased.

The program uses both theta and beta harmonics. It will accompany any established RV method you have learned.

If you are new to remote viewing you can start by getting a friend to conceal some pictures inside envelopes. Using the RV harmonic, record all imagery that you receive. Compare your recordings with the target. Once you achieve some mastery of this technique you could move on to using coordinates or map references. Use the same technique for recording your imagery. This program cannot be used to win the lottery.




Do not use any Brainwave Harmonic products while driving a car or operating heavy machinery