Out of Body


Scientific evidence is now suggesting that we can leave our physical body and that we may even survive the death of that physical body.

Using brainwave technology it was found that a certain combination of alpha and theta harmonics caused the immediate transference of consciousness away from the physical body.

Almost everyone trying these frequencies has agreed that the effect is very unusual. Several users have reported a distinct 'moving ' of their perception from the physical body.

We believe the OOBE experience is an advanced form of astral projection. It can involve complete secondary body translocation rather than mind projection. A typical example of OOBE is where you actually see your physical body in the position you left it.

How does it Work?

Accurately calibrated sine wave frequency generators were used to generate different frequencies in each ear.

Experimenting through the whole range of alpha and theta waves (from 5 - 12 Hz) it was found that a combination of frequencies consistently caused a complete shift in consciousness. This feeling was likened to all of your bodily awareness, suddenly being pulled into your pineal area (third eye, head chakra etc). A low frequency delta wave has been added to complete the deepening of this advanced state.

You are likely to experience your first change of consciousness after 8 - 10 minutes of listening to the program.

Many users experience a change of consciousness the first time they use these programs. For others it may take time to learn to control the sleep borderline state. It depends on your experience.  At the borderline sleep state that the program induces there is a point where your consciousness moves. One of 4 things happens at this stage:

a) You will fall asleep

b) You become anxious and move back to a lighter state

c) You spontaneously project astrally.

d) You move out of body

If you are patient with your approach you will achieve projection



Do not use any Brainwave Harmonic products while driving a car or operating heavy machinery