Jean’s New Book “Messages from Other Worlds”

It is in our best interest to keep an open mind and to remind ourselves of our violent history and then consider the most likely probability of where continued violence might lead us.  Then we must collectively decide if that is where we want to go.  Will we choose to recognize the mistakes that other worlds have made and take a different direction, forging a new and more resourceful path toward our uniquely human strengths.

The stories of the worlds presented in this book show us many possible choices we can make here on Earth, many ways to focus our lives and direct our energies.  There is no right or wrong in the choices of the beings presented here, since we all experience the consequences of our actions.  They simply did what they felt was most appropriate for them based on their history, knowledge and experience.  The important thing is not our differences but our similarities.  Humans can make better choices based on understanding our own history along with knowledge of the choices and mistakes of others who have gone before us.

The Universe is filled with life and there is much we can learn from our star brothers.

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