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Sugilite & Larimar Goddess Pendant


Description:      Goddess Pendant with Sugilite & Larimar Cabochons set in Sterling Silver (.925)

Item Number:   8

Artist:              Mark Finch

Produced:         May 2007


Sugilite Attributes:

Useful in clearing headaches.

Calms and balances the emotions. A good stone for groups of people helping to foster a stronger bonding between group members. Sugilite also helps those who feel that they simply just "don't fit in" Aids mental co-ordination so a good stone for anyone with learning difficulties. Sugilite helps you to be forgiving and not to give in to hostility and jealousy. Sugilite is also known as Luvulite because of the stones affinity with love. It represents the highest form of spiritual love. Sugilite also promotes an understanding of how the mind affects the body.

Helps you to understand life and generally increases your spiritual awareness. It helps to answer the question "Why am I here" and can show you how to use the gifts that have been bestowed upon you particularly. An excellent stone for meditation.

Larimar Attributes:

Larimar is a very cooling and soothing stone and is good for sunburn, inflammation and fevers. It helps to ease stress and is beneficial to the shoulders, the thyroid gland, the chest, neck and head area and also the nasal passages. It is said to stimulate brain activity. It is one of the very few stones that can help with the common cold. Also good for hair and for the feet.

Larimar soothes fear and hurt and is extremely useful in treating depression and apathy. It helps people who are over-critical of themselves and of others to become more tolerant. It encourages truth (including helping you to admit guilt when you are guilty) self-expression, patience, creativity and artistic endeavors. Larimar promotes an inner peace and calm and allows us to stay calm when changes are taking place all around us. Larimar also promotes simplicity, makes constructive thinking easier and allows us to simply "let things happen" instead of us trying to control and manipulate what is happening.  It helps us to use power and knowledge wisely.

A superb stone for Earth Healing. Larimar can also help us to "take control" of our own lives. Larimar shows us that suffering need not be present in our spiritual lives and that also our own spirit can be without bounds or limitations.