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Charoite Pendant


Description:      Freeform Charoite Cabochon set in Sterling Silver (.925)

Item Number:   6

Artist:              Mark Finch

Produced:         May 2007



Charoite Attributes:

Treats disorders of the eyes and heart. Helps with headaches and with general aches and pains. Improves the condition of a damaged liver or pancreas. Normalizes blood pressure and pulse rate. Helps to provide an improvement in autistic cases.

Enhances analytical abilities. Allows the determination between truth and fiction. Helps you to realize that where you are is where you should be.

Combines higher-level spirituality with unconditional love from the physical plane. Helps one to more readily accept other people in the physical world. Assists in second sight and in visioning. Useful in cleansing the auric body.