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Eudialyte Pendant


Description:      Oval Eudialyte Cabochon set in Sterling Silver (.925)

Item Number:   2

Artist:              Mark Finch

Produced:         May 2007



Eudialyte Attributes:

Eudialyte can help us to replenish our energy levels after we have completely over-exerted ourselves. It is said to increase our vitality, to cleanse the body and to help with the regeneration of damaged organs. It is particularly helpful with the pancreas and thyroid and also helps to purify the blood system.

Eudialyte can help to increase and revitalize our personal power. It can bring the base chakra and the heart chakra into balance together. It is a stone of the heart that can bring harmony into our emotional life, encouraging confidence, providing inspiration and dispelling jealousy. It's an excellent stone for helping us to learn to trust others and to also trust our own judgment - for people who are afraid of being hurt this is vital. Eudialyte can help us to better express our own emotions, to realize that we can and must learn from our own mistakes and to ease compulsive behavior and thinking. Eudialyte can also help us to realize that sometimes we will be faced with resistance which we will have to overcome, that we may have to accept our own personal weaknesses and have to overcome grief, fear and pain, but that new beginnings are always possible.

Eudialyte has a strong psychic energy that helps to both maintain and to strengthen our own psychic abilities. It provides us with a greater sense of awakening and awareness or of emerging into a new level of consciousness. Eudialyte also helps with clairaudience abilities, manifestation, and psychic resonance. It is considered to be a "fine tuner" of these abilities. Eudialyte is said to "Ring the Bell" in our minds whenever soul travelers meet, even if it is only a brief meeting, the two parties are able to recognize it for what it is.


This note is to reassure you that the small piece of Eudialyte that is in this pendant is safe to handle and to outline some basic facts about radioactivity for you.

So let's get on and ask the all-important question right up front - is Eudialyte radioactive?
Yes. Eudialyte is described as "mildly radioactive".

Doesn't that mean then that Eudialyte is dangerous to hold - possibly even lethal?
No. There are varying degrees of radioactivity and the amount of radiation given off by Eudialyte is very small indeed when compared to other normal everyday activities that bring us into contact with other forms of radiation.

It is generally accepted that the annual safe dosage for an adult worker within the nuclear industry (i.e. someone working within a nuclear power station, working on nuclear research at a university, working as a medical doctor with radiotherapy equipment etc) is considered to be 50,000 mrem's per year via the hands and extremities, 15,000 mrem's per year via the eyes and 5,000 mrem's per year if the whole body is exposed. Pregnant mothers should not expose their unborn babies to more than 500 mrem's per year.

You'll see from the chart below that holding one of the 5 gram piece continuously, day and night, for a year, means that your radiation dose is still well, well, below these figures.
 Type of Radiation for comparison

mrem's per year

Annual safe adult dosage for the hands and extremities


Annual safe adult dosage for the eyes


Annual safe adult dosage if the whole body is exposed


Annual safe dosage for unborn baby


Lethal Dose of Radioactivity, assuming no medical treatment is received


Holding a 1 gram piece of Eudialyte continuously for one year


Holding a 5 gram piece of Eudialyte continuously for one year


Holding a 5 gram piece of Eudialyte all day and all night for 24 hours


Dental X-rays (figure is per individual X-Ray i.e. 2 per year = 18.80 mrem)


Chest X-Ray (figure is per individual X-Ray)


10 flights per year as an airline passenger


Watching TV


Smoking cigarettes


Working in a building built predominantly from Granite


Natural background radiation


This information is meant to reassure you, not to put you off - and after all, some people do actually wear Eudialyte jewelry, and Eudialyte has been a popular mineral with collectors for years.