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Woodward Opal (Common) Pendant


Description:      Freeform Woodward (Common / Brown) Opal Cabochon set in Sterling Silver (.925)

Item Number:   1

Artist:              Mark Finch

Produced:         May 2007



Opal Attributes:

All opals have long been the talisman of thieves and spies as they were said to make the wearer invisible! Helps to disperse infections and to purify the blood and kidneys and to regulate insulin production. Helps to strengthen the eyesight, stops fevers developing to an uncomfortable point and, in addition, Opals are said to ease childbirth

Opals strengthen the memory; instill faithfulness and loyalty in affairs of the heart, personal relationships and business relationships.

Opals have long been used by Native American Indian and Australian Aboriginal Shaman to invoke visions. They can awake psychic and mystical qualities.