Sessions with Mark or Jean are $144 each.  They last from 1 to 2 hours and can be done in our home in Overland Park, Kansas.

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Changing Lives with a Multidimensional Healing Modality
using Words, Touch and Vibration.

Inverse Wave Therapy is a tool to help people change and remove the blocks that hinder their lives.  From major fears and phobias to annoying negative habits or behaviors that never seem to go away and quietly rule your life.  These are the walls and subconscious blocks that Inverse Wave Therapy can help you change forever!

What Negative Behaviors rule your life that you would like to reverse?




Fear of Flying
Fear of Heights
Fear of Intimacy
Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of Snakes, Spiders
Any Fear or Phobia

Habitual Money Trouble
Major Trust Issues
Sexual Problems
Sexual Abuse
Relationship problems
Communication blocks
Poor Self Image
Writing blocks

Energy Illnesses
Chronic Fatigue
Weight problems.

Most illnesses are created from repetitive negative behaviors.  Change that behavior and you body can then heal itself.

Inverse Wave Therapy is a three stage healing process given by a trained facilitator in three separate sessions at least 24 hours apart.

The basis of Inverse Wave is simple:  We live our lives within the illusion of a linear time line of a past, present and future. 

Of those three, two are illusions and only one is real.  The past is only a memory and the future is only a potential.  Yet, even with that knowledge most people live their lives ruled by their past or their future missing the only one that is real, the present.

Who we are in each moment is determined by the vibrational wave pattern that we place in front of us in the linear time frame.   We live in the illusion of a linear time with a Past, Present and Future. Simply put; who we are is determined by who we think we are going to be.  That thought is a vibrational wave pattern waiting for us to walk into it as we step into our future. 

If that were all there was to the equation changing our lives would be a simple case of changing our beliefs. But there are other influential wave patterns that we have placed in this time line that also have huge effects on our reality.  These are the waves that are carried from experiences that we set up to help us master a primary life lesson and from the way that we are wired.   These are the waves produces from Energy Stamps and Energy Matrices. 

The basis of Inverse Wave Therapy is simple:  Identify the wave pattern that is creating your reality and expose it to the exact opposite wave pattern to neutralize it. This same technology is used everyday in our world in many applications including sound cancellation technology.  Once you remove the outside influences then you will become who you really believe that you can be.

The Three-Stage Process is designed to be given in three separate sessions at least 24 hours apart; generally each session is in 45 - 90 minutes in length.

Stage One: 
Educate the client as to what the entire modality will do and what will happen at each stage.

Build trust with their body using energy trigger points with the Energetic Touch technique described in the course.

Help the client to choose the behavior to change.  Only one issue per 3-stage session.

Build trust with the client and their body by opening the first stage vibration points with the first set of tuners.

Introduce the idea of the gift and get them to focus on the gift of the negative behavior setting them up for Stage Two.

Stage Two:
Open energy trigger points with Energetic Touch while getting the client to tell you about the Gift they found.

Use the tuners to open the Stage Two vibration points while explaining the concept and use of the Inverse Wave.

Lead the client to imagine and feel what it will be like to live life without the negative behavior they are about to release.

Ask them directly if they are ready to release the negative behavior.

Apply the Inverse Wave as outlined in the course.

Stage Three:
Open the clients trigger points with Energetic Touch as outlined in the course. 

Begin opening the vibrational center points with the body tuners followed by the auditory tuners.

When the client is ready, apply the Mastery Scripts.

Close all energy centers with tuners followed by Energetic Touch.


Sessions with Mark or Jean are $144 each.  They last from 1 to 2 hours and can be done in our home in Overland Park, Kansas.

Call 913-486-3404 to set up an appointment or e-mail