Special session on iConference Thursday March 25 at 7:00 pm CST Room will be open at 7:00 pm CST

Jean and Cheryl will discuss this technique and there will be a guided meditation along with a discussion on whatever information that the two of them get from spirit about the people in the room.

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††††††† Healing Through Forgiveness


††††††††† A Beginnerís Guide to Energetic Healing



††††††††† Cheryl Wilson and Jean Finch



By accessing your inner divinity, you are able to receive information and answers about current or past relationships and life events. The stage is then set to forgive yourself and others, which enables you to heal what is causing you pain today.


This book has been written for those who want to experience healing through forgiveness and those who aspire to assisting others in healing through forgiveness.


By healing through forgiveness, you take a short cut to healing multiple areas of your life quickly.This process also provides you with a broader understanding of who you are and what your soul wants for you.


Book price $15 + $3 s&h

to Contact Jean and Cheryl about sessions just e-mail to: jean@lightjewels.com