Favorite Links

These are some of our favorite links. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



The Web Site of Steve and Barbara Rother Our Friends and Mentors



This is the web site of our friends Henning and Mariana in Holland. This is a wonderful sight with beautiful Artwork available.


Ronna Herman


Simply Natural - Tammy Majchrzak C.H. Ed Dip. Yoga, A.I.Y.S M.S.F.T.R

The aim of this website is to offer alternative and more natural ways to bring balance to mind, body and spirit.


Celebration Productions

Metaphysical Fairs in Denver & Colorado Springs


Cyndy's Angle Messages

Cyndy Green and her angel Messages (a gift to us all)


Spirit Fairs

This is the web site that has information about many of the Spirit Fairs that Jean and I do




Virginia & Penelopy


Overlight 4 Kona, Hawaii 06/06/06 Pictures


Overlight 5 Kona, Hawaii 07/07/07 Pictures


Europe 2008 with 08/08/08 Pictures


Crimson Circle