Epsilon Wave


*  Associated with very deep states of meditation

*  Reports of ecstatic states of consciousness.

*  High Level inspiration states.

*  Spiritual insight and out of body experiences.

What is the Epsilon Wave?

The epsilon wave is a combination of specific binaurally generated brainwaves of very low frequency. In the laboratory they have been shown to;

*  Help coordinate left and right brain activity - creating A-HA states.

*  Induce very deep, advanced states of meditation.

*  Create states of ecstasy!!

*  Lead to spiritual insight

*  Create spontaneous out of body experiences

The epsilon wave has been combined with a harmonic carrier wave to further increase the effect.

How Does it Work?

The epsilon wave is an advanced research brainwave harmonic. Epsilon waves have been measured at 0.5Hz or below.  The wave works with a carrier Theta Wave. This will allow entrainment to the optimum brain frequency

The wave has been reported in hands on healing and shamanic trance states.





Do not use any Brainwave Harmonic products while driving a car or operating heavy machinery