Chi Generator


*  Energy increased in minutes

*  Enhance your creativity or confidence in 20 minutes

*  Energize and revitalize easily without drugs

*  Altered state of consciousness in 8 minutes

*  Instant Energy and Alertness without the use of drugs

Stimulate your brain with scientifically generated frequencies. The chosen frequencies will;

Instantly increase your energy

Create a measurable increase in alertness that can last for up to 2 hours.

Massively improve your ability to concentrate.

Using high level beta frequencies will give you increased energy and alertness without the need for caffeine, guarana, amphetamine or other illegal substances.

The harmonic lasts for 20 minutes and should not be used if you want to sleep!

How does it Work?

Accurately calibrated sine wave frequency generators were used to generate different frequencies in each ear.  In the same way that low frequency binaurals will create a state of relaxation; high frequency binaurals (above 20Hz) will give you an instant boost. It is really excellent in combating that mid morning or mid afternoon energy dip. Use it just before you have to make a speech or attend a meeting and notice the difference!  You can now re-create the effect for yourself by listening to the CD with headphones.


Do not use any Brainwave Harmonic products while driving a car or operating heavy machinery