Delta Wave


*  A scientifically generated delta wave to help develop white light states.

*  Reports of timeless and formless experience.

*  Altered state of consciousness in 8 minutes

The delta wave is a combination of specific binaurally generated brainwaves of very low frequency. In the laboratory they have been shown to;

Create the clear light or white light states of consciousness.

Induce very deep, advanced states of meditation.

Create complete "clear mind" meditation

The delta wave has been combined with a theta harmonic carrier wave to further increase the effect. This is a very advanced meditation. Using theta and delta entrainment causes most people to sleep. Maintaining a very deep sleep/awake borderline state is the key to success with this program

How does it Work?

The delta wave is an advanced research brainwave harmonic. Delta waves have been measured between 1 and 3 Hz.

The wave has been reported in combination with epsilon waves in hands on healing and shamanic trance states.

The wave works with a carrier Theta Wave. This will allow entrainment to the optimum brain frequency.

Experimenting through the whole range of delta and theta waves (from 0 - 8 Hz) it was found that after shifting in consciousness at around 7 Hz (accurate frequencies are available in the E Book) advanced users could entrain into the delta wave harmonic and create fantastic experiences.


Do not use any Brainwave Harmonic products while driving a car or operating heavy machinery